The pleasure of taste

Every single cup of coffee contains years of work, study and research. It recounts a tale of skilful, dirt-stained hands, as well as sophisticated, next-generation machines. It manifests a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, past and future.
Hausbrandt puts all this, a world of precious traditions, attention to detail, research and quality, into those 7 grams of coffee needed to make a cup. This is why Hausbrandt coffee is not merely a beverage, but an experience to be savoured. The coffee’s thousands of facets reveal every single hidden corner of that world, which is unveiled through a voyage of discovery and rediscovery. A cup of coffee is a unique sensory experience in pursuit of these very sensations. A long voyage in a unique and precious moment.


Each cup creates a unique and unrepeatable scene. The “crema” (the foam on top), with its warm colour, contains unique designs made of velvety, delicate streaks. A good coffee is first tasted with the eyes.


The palate is rewarded with a triumph of sensations. The tip of the tongue encounters the sweetness of the first taste, the sides experience the electricity of the acidic tones, and the flavour closes with the bitterness noted by the final taste buds.

The harmony of a good coffee exists precisely in this harmonious fusion of contrasting sensations. Sweet, acidic and bitter combine to create a single, lasting, full-bodied and intense flavour.


A cup of espresso is an orchestral performance, a crescendo of sounds resulting from tradition and culminating in a small white cup. The sounds of the machine, the soft thump of the coffee dispenser and the water reaching the ground coffee, announce that in a few brief moments the coffee will arrive accompanied by its very own musical score.


A cup of coffee contains over 700 aromas.

A world of fragrances and smells, ready to intoxicate the soul and the spirit, hiding beneath the soft crema. A simple stir releases the roasted, floral, fruity and spicy fragrances.


The coffee’s contact with the palate and tongue is soft and velvety, thanks to the particles of oil that carry all the components of the aroma.